Offering a 10% discount to participants in SNAP, WIC, and SSI programs


Co-op Owner Buying Club
Case discounts available to our co-op owners

Co-op Green Stamp Program
Rewards for shoppers who bring their own reusable bags and/or ride their bikes to the co-op.

Reusing bags and using your Co-op Green Stamp Card is good for you, the environment, our co-op, and local non-profits! Over $10,000 is donated annually to local non-profits through this program!



Bicycle Benefits
Special rewards for riding your bike to the co-op

Gift Cards
Available any time, in any amount, and redeemable at co-ops across the country. E-mail or call us, or talk with any cashier. Bulk giftcard purchases available for non-profit fundraising as well--click here to learn more.