River Valley Co-op Community Fund

The River Valley Co-op Community Fund is a nonprofit charitable foundation established by River Valley Market's Board of Directors in 2013. Money contributed to the fund by River Valley Market and its member-owners will be pooled with contributions from 40+ other cooperatives to support the development of cooperatives and the cooperative movement.

The Board will use interest generated annually by the fund to make donations to qualifying local nonprofit organizations that contribute to the quality of life of Pioneer Valley residents.

River Valley Market member-owners may choose to donate their FY 2013 Patronage Dividend Rebates to this fund as one of the two nonprofits selected by our Board. Cabot Cooperative has offered to help launch our fund by matching the first $5,000 in member-owner donations. Cabot Creamery told us:

"The TPCF's Cooperative Community Funds program exemplifies the spirit of the cooperative community and we are pleased to be able to play a part in helping River Valley Co-op Community Fund off to a good start. Cabot's farm family owners have succeeded, generation after generation, by helping their communities succeed, so this fund program is directly in line with that philosophy.

The 1,200 New England and Upstate NY farm families that own our cooperative include half the dairy farms in Massachusetts, so we are very much River Valley Market's neighbors and we wish them all the best with their new Co-op Community Fund program."