Art in the Quarry Café


CALL FOR ARTISTS: Each month, River Valley Market hangs art works by selected artists in the Quarry Café. To apply, download and complete the application form and submit it with 4 jpeg images (not exceeding 4”x6” and 1 MB each) to You may also drop your application at the store, with photo images of at least 5 x 7 inches. Work submitted for application must represent work to be displayed. Also please attach, with this application form, a list of places you have exhibited your work, and/or an art résumé.

Artists who are co-op member-owners are given priority. First-time exhibitors are welcome. Criteria for acceptance include technical and artistic quality, and an interesting subject matter. Art work must be professionally presented.

The co-op has limited insurance covering work on display. The co-op is not responsible for any losses not covered by insurance. All materials are displayed at the exhibitor’s own risk. Exhibitors are encouraged to provide their own insurance.

The artist is responsible for installing and removing the exhibit on the agreed upon dates. The co-op has the right to remove exhibited materials if they are not removed by the agreed upon date. Exhibit materials may be disposed of if not claimed within 30 days.

The Quarry Café is open to adults and children. Therefore, displays should be appropriate in scale, form and content for the environment. The co-op discourages works that are sexually explicit or graphically violent. No commercial or political works will be displayed. The co-op reserves the right to remove any work that it feels is inappropriate.

The co-op shall not be responsible for handling any money from the sale of items displayed. Exhibitors who desire to sell items shall include as part of their displays information on how to purchase items. Any items sold during a display period shall remain on display until the end of the showing period when all items are scheduled to be removed.

Artist application: Click to download

Artist application: Click to download

Artist criteria:

1. Space is available for hanging art work only. Paintings, photography, fabric, collage. No 3-D art unless hung from the wall on standard hooks.

a. Artist will be acknowledged in the print and e-mail newsletters (may include photos of work)

b. The co-op will host a “meet and greet” with the artist time, to be coordinated with Northampton Arts Night Out on the second Friday of the month from 5–7 pm and listed in the Northampton Arts information e-mail.

c. Artist will provide an informational sign in the entrance foyer.

2. Hanging period will be for 1 calendar month (put up on the first, taken down on the last day of the month.) There is space for up to 14 paintings to be hung (depending on size).

3. Applications should be sent to Art work will be juried by a committee of co-op members.

4. If chosen, a contract will be sent. The returned signed contract will indicate artist’s acceptance of assigned date and terms.

5. The Quarry Café uses the Walker Display hanging system. The artist need only have a wire secured to the back of each piece.

6. Artists agree to contribute 15% of the amount of any sales sold during the show to the charity of the month, chosen by the co-op.