Co-op Events and Outreach Volunteers


Do any of the following describe you? Creative. Organized. Detail-oriented. Full of ideas. Good brainstormer. Focused. Techy. Crafty. People-oriented. Kid-friendly. Artsy. Entertainer. Business-minded. Planner. Worker.

If the answer is yes, then we want you for co-op member-owner outreach! To find out how to get involved, attend the next Co-op Events and Outreach Volunteers meeting.

The purpose of member-owner outreach is to plan and implement community outreach and cooperative education projects for River Valley Co-op. This is a great committee for co-op member-owners who are good at networking and talking with the public. If you like people and are interested in helping to promote co-op and co-op membership then outreach may be for you.

We meet the second Wednesday of each month from 7-8:30 to plan educational events, celebrations, and other fun happenings that help River Valley Co-op reach out to the co-op community and beyond!

Join us! To tell us how to reach you and how you'd like to be involved, e-mail us. Share your skills to help the co-op, meet new people, and have fun!