Serving on the Board of Directors


Any member-owner in good standing is eligible for nomination through an application process and all eligible nominees will be listed as candidates on the ballot for November’s Board Election. Those elected will serve a three-year term. The time commitment for Board Members is about ten to fifteen hours a month. The Board meets once a month and individual directors have additional committee meetings. The Board has serious work to undertake, and we do it in a thoughtful and deliberate way, while we have also created a fun and supportive Board culture.

The River Valley Market Board operates under a process called Policy Governance. This process consists of developing, monitoring, and revising a body of policies that guide the General Manager and the Board to achieve outcomes that are consistent with the member-owners’ values and vision. It also ensures, through consistent monitoring mechanisms, that management achieves the goals set by the Board and that the Board operates according to its own established processes. Furthermore, this process clearly defines the relationship between the Board and the General Manager and delegates the operational activities of the cooperative to the General Manager. The work of the Board is defined within these policies as ensuring the long term sustainability of the cooperative which is stated in our Ends policy (the mission statement for the Board). Board Members are expected to attend training workshops on Policy Governance and to take an active role in monitoring Board policies.

The best candidates for the Board should understand and be willing to contribute to the task of Policy Governance and be able to partic ipate in discussions and abide by Board decisions and established policies. They should be comfortable operating in an environment of group decision making and group process. In addition, Board Members should have some knowledge and interest in the local economy, the sustainability of the food system and the cooperative business model.

In addition to overseeing the General Manager’s operational work, the Board also has a focus of investigating, with member-owners, the challenges to the future sustainability and long-term health of our cooperative and community. The Board concentrates on building excellent channels of communication with member-owners and the community to encourage dialogues and conversations about those challenges so that we can be proactive in addressing them.

If you are interested in serving as a Board Member “to create a just marketplace that nourishes the community” (the co-op’s Ends Policy/mission statement), please download and review Important Reading for Board Candidates. You can download an application here or pick one up at the Customer Service Desk. All applications must be received by September 9, 2013.

Thank you for your interest in joining our team!