board of directors

Board meetings take place at River Valley Co-op in the community room on the co-op’s mezzanine on the 2nd Wednesday of the month from 6:30-9:00 pm, unless otherwise noted. 

Board elections are held every December, in conjunction with the co-op's Annual Meeting.

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Dorian Gregory, CPA (Board President) works with the Cooperative Fund of New England, a community development financial institution that is a bridge between socially responsible investors and cooperatives, community-oriented non-profits and worker-owned businesses in New England. As a CPA, she has almost 20 years experience working in a large international firm and a small regional firm, providing audit and business advisory services to  wide range of businesses in diverse industries. A lifelong martial artist, Ms. Gregory also owns and operates a Taijiquan and Qigong Studio. She brings to the Board financial expertise, clear communication and strong management skills, as well as her love and enthusiasm for the cooperative movement. President: Dorian Gregory (413) 348-6801

Andrea Stanley (Vice President) grew up visiting her family’s dairy farm in Quebec, Canada. These yearly trips made an impact and when Andrea and her family moved back to the Pioneer Valley in 2008, investing in the local food system was important. It started as being a conscientious consumer and joining River Valley Co-op. In 2010 she started Valley Malt with her husband, trying to fill a gap in the local food system and bring local grain to local beer. They now farm 80 acres of land in the valley, growing organic crops like barley, wheat, black beans, sunflowers and popcorn. Prior to this jump, Andrea was a vocational rehabilitation counselor working with youth to help them find work and careers. With the heart of a social worker and the passion of an entrepreneur, Andrea is most excited about filling more gaps in the local food system and believes that local farmers and processors make tastier, healthier food for our community. Andrea Stanley (617) 519-6950

A decade ago, Alex Risley Schroeder (Clerk) re-oriented her work in adult education and workforce development to focus exclusively on strengthening the "green economy" through education, training and policy development. Her commitment continues to be to leverage our increasing focus on sustainability to build jobs and businesses that support communities and individuals. She brings to the Board a thoughtful perspective on the ways local agriculture and local food systems can provide such leverage points, a willingness to learn and work collaboratively, and the belief that much can be solved when we do good work with others. Alex Risley-Schroeder (413) 531-8783


Jade Barker (Treasurer) is a member of CDS Consulting Co-op, a co-op of consultants who support co-ops across the country with operations and governance. Her speciality is Co-operative Board Leadership Development. Jade was formerly co-director of the Mediation & Training Collaborative in Greenfield (a program of Community Action), a non-profit providing conflict resolution and communication services. A longtime community activist in her tenth year on the River Valley Co-op Board, Jade believes that cooperation is key to our survival as
a species. She brings to the Board strong facilitation skills, a commitment to collaborative problem solving, and a love of all things co-op.  Jade Barker 802-449-4070.

Lynn DiTullio has enjoyed the past four+ years as a board member and officer. She says, "It's been a privilege to work with this fantastic board and outstanding staff in the challenging and extremely rewarding task of building a local cooperative economy." As a former business owner and manager, Lynn brings to the Board a keen appreciation of the challenges involved in keeping a small business going, meeting payroll, and nourishing that critical connection with member-owners while ensuring that staff feel involved, appreciated, and nurtured to grow as the co-op grows. Her background is in renewable energy and energy conservation, and she loves that the co-op was built with green attributes!  Lynn DiTullio (413) 588-8028

Christine Dutton is a Wellness Manager with Mediterranean Living and also consults in the areas of Human Resources, Project Management and Social Media Marketing. As a member of the Board of Directors of River Valley Co-op, Christine pursues her interest in community-based organizations that directly impact the sustainability of local food systems, and that contribute to our local economy and the quality of people’s lives. Christine Dutton (413) 582-1472

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Roslyn Malkin has a strong background in systems thinking enabling her to address issues from holistic and innovative perspectives. Having worked for over thirty years as a psychotherapist, business consultant, seminar leader and spiritual counselor, she is a true community organizer at heart. Roslyn believes in creating successful businesses that also nourish the community using collaborative and creative methods. You will find her spending time in nature, swimming with dolphins and whales in the wild, traveling to sacred sites, and telling bad puns. Roz Malkin (413) 584-8793

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Eric Friedland-Kays cares about affordably eating well, making the co-op as accessible as possible to all, ecological integrity, and cooperative values. For the past 15 years, he have been employed at Windhorse Integrative Mental Health, an innovative community mental health agency in Northampton, as both a Senior Clinician (Therapist and Team Leader) and an Administrator (Admissions Manager, interim Clinical Director, Steering member, Supervisor. He greatly values cooperative communication and effectiveness in decision and policy making within the complicated journey of a group. The Way of Council, Non-Violent Communication, and Open Dialogue have been tremendous in his experience building depth and working with depth in relationships. Eric Friedland-Kays (917) 658-8763

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Steve Bruner moved to Amherst from Bozeman, Montana in the summer of 2014. During his ten years in Bozeman, he owned and operated Refuge Sustainable Building Center, was an adjunct instructor at Montana State University, and helped implement a strategic plan for Yellowstone National Park. His community involvement included stints on the Mayor’s Climate Protection Task Force and the Children’s Museum of Bozeman’s Board of Directors and his professional experience has been defined by mission-driven organizations. From writing strategic plans for National Parks to directing an outdoor adventure program to owning his own business, he has used mission statements as the rudders with which to steer the ships. Steve Bruner (413) 835-0055