Opened April 30, 2008, our co-op was built into a bowl-shaped site carved from the granite hillside between 1900-1934. Stone from this hill was used to build King St. and Routes 5 & 10. The quarry operations left the site with a flat plateau surrounded by granite cliffs rising on three sides. The cliff acts as a natural barrier between the cooperative store operations and surrounding residential areas. It also provides a beautiful setting for our community food store.

Our 15,000 sq. foot green-constructed building has ample parking; a deli seating area; fresh produce, meat, and seafood departments; a wellness department; beer and wine; bulk foods; cheese, dairy, grocery and more!


On August 21, 2012, hosts of Valley Free Radio's Farm to Fork program interviewed General Manager Rochelle Prunty and Board Members Jade Barker and Claire Morenon about River Valley Co-op's history and its future. Have a listen... (Note: This is a large file. Depending on the speed of your internet connection, it may take some time to load.)

Our phone number: 413.584.2665


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Timber porch-raising, early 2008

Timber porch-raising, early 2008