Co-op Owner Buying Club

Co-op Owners: Pre-order full cases of natural groceries at big discounts. Purchasing through our buying club, most items are 13%-40% below retail. Stop by Customer Service and browse through the catalogue, and fill out a form for each item you wish to order.


Browse through the catalogue, download the order form here, print out as many order forms as you need, fill them in, and bring them to the co-op. HINT: Print two order forms for each item you wish to order so you can keep a copy for yourself.

*Only River Valley Co-op owners in good standing may participate. Owners of neighboring co-ops are not eligible unless they also have co-op ownerships with River Valley Co-op.

Catalogue key:

a = Artificial ingredients
c = Low carb
d = Dairy free
f = Food service items
g = Gluten Free
k = Kosher
l = Low Sodium/No Salt
m = GMO-Free
o = Organic
r = Refined Sugar
v =Vegan
w = Wheat Free
y = Yeast Free
t = Fair Trade
Sn = Natural Specialty
s = Specialty Only
O1 = 100% organic
O2 = 95+% organic
O3 = 70%+ organic

Co-op Owner Buying Club Order Form

Co-op Owner Buying Club Order Form